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Open Telecom Platform[edit]

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The Open Telecom Platform (OTP) is a collection of libraries, frameworks, and tools that provide a solid foundation for building robust, scalable, and fault-tolerant telecommunication systems using the Elixir programming language. OTP is built on top of the Erlang programming language and inherits its battle-tested concurrency and fault-tolerance features.


The OTP project was initiated by Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications company, in the late 1990s. Ericsson had a strong need for reliable telecommunication systems, and as a result, the OTP framework was created to address the challenges of building such systems. Since then, OTP has evolved and become a crucial part of the Erlang ecosystem.


The Open Telecom Platform provides a set of key features that greatly simplify the development of telecommunication software. These features include:

  • Concurrency Model: OTP leverages the lightweight concurrency model offered by Erlang, allowing developers to build highly concurrent applications that can handle thousands of simultaneous connections.
  • Supervision Tree: OTP introduces a hierarchical process structure called a supervision tree, which allows for the supervision and management of processes in a fault-tolerant manner. This feature enables the system to automatically recover from failures and provides high availability.
  • Behavior Modules: OTP provides a set of behavior modules, such as gen_server, gen_fsm, and gen_event, that define standard patterns for writing concurrent and fault-tolerant code. These behavior modules help in building reliable and maintainable systems by enforcing best practices.
  • Application Framework : OTP offers an application framework that facilitates the development, configuration, and deployment of complex applications. This framework supports hot code swapping, which allows for seamless upgrades and updates of running systems.
  • Standard Libraries : OTP includes a rich set of standard libraries that cover common tasks such as networking, database access, and XML parsing, making it easier for developers to focus on solving business problems rather than reinventing the wheel.

Elixir and OTP[edit]

Elixir, a dynamic, functional programming language, is built on top of the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM). It inherits the strengths of Erlang and is fully compatible with the OTP ecosystem. Elixir provides a more readable and expressive syntax, which makes OTP even more accessible and easier to use.

When writing Elixir applications, developers can leverage the power of OTP by using Elixir libraries such as GenServer, which is an Elixir wrapper around the OTP's gen_server behavior module. This allows Elixir developers to write concurrent and fault-tolerant code that follows the OTP design principles.

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